Dear Parents,

As we have moved smoothly into October, we thought it was an appropriate moment to reflect on how our school has started and to inform you of some coming events.

Our first objective was to create a tranquil but exciting learning environment. We are sure this has been achieved. The pupils have displayed a very positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. They get on well with each other. They have quickly adapted to routines and expectations. The staff too have shown great confidence and commitment. We frequently visit classrooms and are so impressed by the tight focus on learning. Teachers are guiding children well, making them think and giving them opportunities to take responsibility for their learning. The pupils are motivated, attentive and participative. Teachers are also impressed by their level of English. They are also beginning to recognise pupils’ specific strengths and, sometimes, the need for support and reinforcement.

Thanks to the good weather, we have taken full advantage of our outside spaces, so pupils can learn inside and outside the classrooms, and play together safely and joyfully. On the theme of safety, our first fire drill went extremely well. Pupils and staff followed the set procedures effectively and calmly.

Finally, we want to thank you for your support and patience. It takes time for a school to become outstanding and to create its own history. Your understanding and involvement will help make that journey shorter.

As the educational leaders of Richmond Park School we shall also do everything we can to progress rapidly and effectively. During the rest of this term, we shall be organising a series of events and initiating key projects. We have just started our extra-curricular programme and, later this month, our co- curricular project will begin at lunchtimes. Pupils will have the chance, on a rotational basis, to participate in music, computing and sports activities.

Our Richmond Village project is developing well and you will be invited to a showpiece event in the second half of November, pending weather conditions. Our major co- curricular initiative is sustainability, working in conjunction with the `Red Española de Desarrollo Sostenible ‘. Over the years, pupils will learn about the United Nations’ 17 objectives and make their own creative contributions. Our consultant will explain the essence of this work to parents of pupils in EYFS/Key Stage 1 on Tuesday 10 December and to those in Key Stage 2 on Thursday 28 November.

Computing is a subject in its own right but it also plays a major role in all other areas of the curriculum. Computing creates extraordinary possibilities for children in both their learning and their everyday lives, but it also brings potential threats. Our specialist computer teacher will lead an introductory session on computing and e-safety on Tuesday 26 November.

We hope this letter gives you a brief glimpse of what has already happened and how we shall maintain that momentum. Over a hundred years ago the French psychologist and pharmacist, Émile Coué, invented the line: ”Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” His affirmation aimed to help patients adopt more positive thinking and to believe in their continuous improvement. We too want to help pupils and staff appreciate what they are achieving every day, share their successes with you and keep on driving forward.