Practical points

Practical points

Practical points


Step 1

Ask for an appointment

You are invited to meet our Directors of Education, who will explain our vision, the curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning.

Step 2


You can attend our presentations individually or join a group presentation.



Step 3


After successful assessment, a place will be offered once the final documentation is completed and the registration fee (600€) paid.

Child evaluation

Child documents


At RICHMOND PARK SCHOOL we work with a single quota system in order to facilitate, in all senses, the payment and collection procedures between the school and the parents. This fee includes academic fees, insurance, meals (except Breakfast Club), swimming lessons in the Curriculum, materials and books within the British curriculum (exceptionally, parents may be asked to purcharsa materials for a specific project). The fees do not include: school transport, uniforms, books and materials for the Spanish curriculum, clubs, extra-curricular activities and trips. In the case of not requiring any services included in the single quota, the full amount must still be paid.

The school charges this single fee in 10 installments from September to June (inclusive) payable at the beginning of each month.

The school will only accept payments by direct debit under SEPA regulations or bank transfer, always in accordance with current legislation. Parents must agree to accept the school's payment policy at the time of enrolment.


— Neck & Neck

Richmond Park School has signed an agreement with NECK&NECK Schools’ Uniform Division (School by neck) to design and produce our school uniform for the next 5 years. As you may already be aware, NECK&NECK is a family-run business which has been producing high quality children’s clothing for many years.

The Senior Management Team has spent considerable time, not only determining an attractive design but also one which reflects the importance we assign to our uniform. One of our key beliefs is that our pupils will be learning for the future and learning from the past. Our uniform, too, has elements of both the traditional and the contemporary and will act as a constant symbol.

The combination of colours is unusual, helping promote the specific identity of our school. We want pupils, parents and staff to have a deep sense of pride in belonging to Richmond Park School. Our uniform, worn correctly and elegantly, will help us considerably to achieve our aim.

Finally, we have tried to make the purchase as straightforward as possible. You will be able to buy the items online via the Neck &Neck platform and either receive them at home or at the school.

This section will be updated with any developments regarding the uniform.


We inform you that these sketches may differ slightly in colour and design of the final uniforms.


'School Shoes’ recommended by Richmond Park School

IMPORTANT NOTE: ‘Brown shoes’ must be worn with the Richmond Park School uniform and ‘White Trainers’ with the Physical Education uniform only on P.E. days. Children in Early Years (Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception) may wear white trainers (preferably with Velcro) with their tracksuit throughout the year .

You will find these and many others at: GARROTITOS (Paseo de la Habana, 23)

De la 21 al 25 > 25 euros
Del 26 al 35 > 26 euros
Del 35 al 41 > 28 euros

Del 24 al 30 > 39 euros
Del 31 al 33 > 44 euros
Del 34 al 36 > 49,50 euros
Del 37 al 39 > 54 euros
Del 40 al 42 > 57 euros


CALENDAR 2020/21

In downloads page you can find the school calendar.

Go to downloads

School day:

7:45 - 8:30 Breakfast Club

8:50 - 16:15 EYFS academic curriculum

16:30 - 17:30 Stay & Play/Extra-curricular activities

8:50 - 16:30 Primary academic curriculum

16:30 - 17:30 RPS Clubs & Extra-curricular activities

8:40 - 16:30 Secondary academic curriculum

16:30 - 17:30 RPS Clubs & Extra-curricular activities

Bus routes

bus routes

The final routes will be confirmed as soon as demand and laws regarding máximum route duration have been taken into account.

For any questions or further information, contact us at

Time Stop
07:53 h c/José Ortega y Gasset (impares) esq. c/Lagasca
8:05 h c/Carranza esq. Glorieta de San Bernardo
8:13 h c/Hilarión Eslava esq. c/Fernando el Católico
08:15 h c/Andrés Mellado esq. c/Donoso Cortés
08:23 h c/Edgar Neville, 10
08:25 h c/General Perón esq. c/Orense
08:30 h c/General López Pozas esq. c/Apolonio Morales
08:40 h c/Arzobispo Morcillo esq. c/Julio Palacios
Time Stop
17:35 h c/José Ortega y Gasset (pares) esq. c/Lagasca
17:20 h c/Guzmán el Bueno esq. Fernando el Católico
17:15 h c/Guzmán el Bueno esq. c/Donoso Cortés
17:08 h Cuatro Caminos esq. c/Bravo Murillo
17:00 h c/Orense esq. c/Hernani
16:58 h c/General Perón esq. c/Orense
16:55 h Plaza Madre Molas esq. c/Félix Boix
16:40 h c/Arzobispo Morcillo esq. c/Julio Palacios

*approximate times, depending on daily traffic


Extra-curricular Activities

At Richmond Park School we believe the extra-curricular activities is a great way to complement the academic programme. For this reason we are happy to present a wide range of activities of a maximum quality.


  • Art
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Catequesis (preparation for First Holy Communion)
  • Chess
  • Dancing schoolday
    • -Ballet
    • -Funky
  • Drama
  • Field hockey
  • Football
  • Initiation to sports
  • Judo
  • Music
    • -Guitar
    • -Keyboards
  • New technologies
  • Paddle
  • Roller skating
  • Rugby
  • Rythmic/Artistic Gymnastics
  • Self-defense
  • Swimming School
    • -Artistic Swimming
    • -Initiation Swimming
    • -Waterpolo
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

Living near

Living near Richmond Park School

This section of our website will try to inform all those families who might be thinking about moving to the area close to Richmond Park School, about some of the relevant aspects once looking for a household.

Even though we are only mentioning 5 areas, Richmond Park School is at a distance of 15 minutes from Plaza de Colón one day with normal traffic. Therefore, áreas like barrio de Salamanca, Chamberí, Chamartín or Arturo Soria, as well as outskirts such as La Moraleja, Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Puerta de Hierro, … are well situated to arrive to our school. Our bus routes will cover these areas, always following the demand of the families who demand daily transport.

If you have a specific enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Created in 1950, its objective was to build a residential area that combined nature with the proximity of the city. Its name comes from the mountains that surrounds the landscape and can be enjoyed from the higher areas. Mirasierra presents many green spaces, an important number of establishments, sports facilities, hospitals as well as being surrounded by the cyclists “anillo verde”.


Underground Line 9 “Paco de Lucía” in calle Costa Brava (7-8 min walking)

Cercanías "Mirasierra-Paco de Lucía", annex to Underground "Paco de Lucía" station
In Arroyofresno - Estación de Pitis (C-3, C-7 y C-8).
Ramón y Cajal Station (C-3, C-7 y C-8, barrio de Valverde) is also very close

Buses Lines 134 and 178 join us to Plaza de Castilla.
At night, line N23 joins us to Plaza de Cibeles


Restaurants La Casa Grande, BaRRa de Pintxos, CB13, Pastelerías Lazcano, Tras Os Montes, VIPS, Rodilla

Centro Comercial Mirasierra (Sánchez Romero, farmacia, floristería)

Sports facilities Club La Masó

Hospitals Ruber Internacional, Clínica Cemtro

Prices per m2

Purchase 2.720€/m2

Renting 11,6€/m2


Montecarmelo is a new neighbourhood that has reached the objective of being one of the most desired areas to live in Madrid. Many factors make this corner as one of the favourites of the young population. It has Mirasierra on its southern part as well as Tres Olivos de Fuencarral, and Las Tablas on the East. It is a peaceful residential area with big avenues.


Distance by car to Richmond Park School 6 min

Underground Line 10 “Montecarmelo”
Line 9 “Paco de Lucía”

Buses Lines 134 and 178 join it to Plaza de Castilla.
At night,line N23 joins it to Plaza de Cibeles


Restaurants El Filandón, El Peregrino, El pescador

Comercial Montecarmelo(Alcampo)

Sports facilities Ciudad de la Raqueta, Holmes Place, anillo verde ciclista.

Prices per m2

Purchase 2.950€/m2

Renting 11,3€/m2

El Pilar

An older area situated on the North-East of Madrid. Has a big health centre, municipal library as well as many shops including the first big mall in Madrid “La Vaguada”. It is very well communicated with the city centre.


Distance by car to Richmond Park School 10 min

Underground Line 7: “Peñagrande”, “Antonio Machado” and “Avenida de la Ilustración”
Line 9: “Barrio del Pilar” and “Herrera Oria”

Buses 42 Pza. Castilla – Peñagrande
49 Pza. Castilla – Pitis
67 Pza. Castilla – Bº Peñagrande
83 Moncloa – Barrio del Pilar
124 Gta. Cuatro Caminos – Lacoma
126 Nuevos Ministerios–Barrio Pilar
127 Gta. Cuatro Caminos – Ciudad de los Periodistas
128 Gta. Cuatro Caminos – Barrio del Pilar
132 Moncloa – Hospital La Paz
133 Pza. Callao – Mirasierra
134 Pza. Castilla – Montecarmelo
137 Ciudad Puerta de Hierro – Fuencarral
147 Pza. Callao – Barrio del Pilar
At night, lines N21, N22 and N23 join it with Plaza de Cibeles


Restaurants El Viejo Almacén de Buenos Aires

Centro Comercial La Vaguada (El Corte Inglés)

Sports facilities Polideportivo Vicente del Bosque, Parque de La Ventilla, Parque Norte y Parque de La Alcazaba

Hospital La Paz

Prices per m2

Purchase 2.540€/m2

Renting 12,1€/m2

Las Tablas

This is a residential area that belongs to Valverde, with numerous headquarters for big companies such as Telefónica, Dragados or Ciudad BBVA. It is formed by buildings of flats with common areas with swimming pools and gardens where lots of young families with children have decided to live.

Las Tablas

Distance by car to Richmond Park School 11 min

Underground Line 10 “Las Tablas”

Buses Line 172 (Mar de Cristal-Telefónica)
Line 175 (Plaza de Castilla-Las Tablas Norte)
Line 176 (Plaza Castilla-Las Tablas Sur)
T61 (Estación de Cercanías de Fuencarral-Las Tablas)
At night, line N24 (Plaza de Cibeles-Las Tablas) and line N24 joins it with Plaza de Cibeles


Restaurants El Pescador de Las Tablas, Oam Thong, Ondarreta

Shops Mercadona, Aldi, Ahorramás

Sports facilities Pista de skate, Padel Madrid Las Tablas

Hospital Policlínico Las Tablas

Prices per m2

Purchase 3.300€/m2

Renting 11,3€/m2


Sanchinarro is a residential area with wide avenues, very well communicated with the city centre. You will find a symbolic square building, Edificio Mirador, with 21 floors, though which the beautiful views of Sierra de Guadarrama can be seen.


Distance by car to Richmond Park School 10 min

Underground Line 9

Buses 178, 176, 174, 173


Restaurants El Oso, Nuevo St. James, Ni Hao Sanchinarro, Radhouni

Shops El Corte Inglés

Hospitals Sanitas La Moraleja, Univ. HM Sanchinarro

Prices per m2

Purchase 3.100€/m2

Renting 11,5€/m2


Dining menu

A balanced diet is a major factor for children’s growth and learning. For this reason, the Richmond Park School menu follows a varied and nutrient-rich diet. Each month the menu will be available in this section.

Go to downloads


Breakfast club

This additional service enables parents to leave their children at the main gate between 7:45 and 8am, after which they will have breakfast and be supervised until 8:30am, when the school opens.

It is crucial that pupils do not arrive after 8am in order to ensure they enjoy the full benefit of this service, including a full breakfast.

Full month (confirm by email: The cost is 60€/month and will be charged to your account.
Occasional use. Parents should send an email indicating the day(s) the service is required, at least 48 hours before. The cost is 4€/day and will be charged to your account.
If the service is used without prior warning (as stated above) the cost will be 10€.


Stay & Play

This extra service -separate from extra-curricular classes- allows parents to collect their children between 4:30 and 5:30pm.
During this time, pupils will either take part in activities or work on their extended learning tasks, whilst under adult supervision.
Normally, the Stay & Play will take place in the Early Years playground (with furniture as required)
In case of rain, the pupils will be taken to the Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 classrooms.
These organisational details will remain the same throughout the Special Opening Plan (PEA) period. Once we move into the permanent building, you will receive updated information.

Full month (confirm by email: The cost is 60€/month and will be charged to your account.
Occasional use. Parents should send an email indicating the day(s) the service is required, at least 48 hours before. The cost is 4€/day and will be charged to your account.
If the service is used without prior warning (as stated above) the cost will be 10€ for the first 20 minutes after which and until 5.30pm the cost will be of additional 10€.


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