A high quality school does not exist in isolation

Founded in a community of students, staff, and parents, whose strength lies in the shared vision, beliefs and values, Richmond Park School shall ensure everyone's voice is heard and all community members are respected. Our school leaders shall show the way, striving constantly for the students' optimum personal and academic achievement. The school shall be the centrepiece of a close community, benefiting from its members' continuous interaction, active participation and positive contribution. The school shall make its community, and the community shall make its school.


An active approach to learning

Students are the centre of our community. All decisions, actions, and experiences shall focus on their development and wellbeing. This is not a passive relationship. Students must play an active role in all aspects of their education. At Richmond Park School, we shall all, for example, be teachers and learners. Teachers shall guide and facilitate the learning, but the students shall often take the lead, thinking, exploring, problem- solving and creating. In every sense, they shall be involved in the community, assuming their responsibilities, respecting and helping others, and participating in special events and projects. As our students develop, they shall learn more about themselves and about diverse people, societies and cultures. Their enthusiasm and motivation shall drive our community forward and reach out to others.


Spreading the knowledge

Mutual understanding, respect, and support can only be achieved and remain constant, if everyone knows what their rights and responsibilities are. Our staff, in everything they do and say, shall make sure parents' and students' rights are maintained and their own responsibilities fulfilled. Above all, teachers - in their teaching, guidance, and support- shall always give priority to the students' needs and interests.

A community's confidence also comes from knowledge and information. Our school shall publish all key statements, policies, and guidelines. Parents and students shall be informed regularly of student progress and their next steps in learning through reports, meetings and discussions. Any problems and concerns shall be dealt with quickly and effectively. There shall also be regular talks and workshops to explain aspects of the curriculum, teaching and learning, or new projects and approaches.

Teachers have a major impact on students' lives. Richmond Park staff shall make that impact positive and long lasting.


Working together for the Community

Parents rightly look to the School to fulfil their children's potential and help them become happy and successful as students and individuals. In return, the School looks to parents for support and trust. Education is a pact, agreed by staff and parents. Both have a major influence on the children's present and future lives. Working closely together, that influence shall be consistently affirmative and effective.

Regular information, discussion, formal and informal meetings shall ensure parents are aware of all aspects of their children's education.

Parent's involvement, for example in extra projects and social/cultural activities, shall prove vital to the success of our School and its community.


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