Design concept

A modern school with functional and attractive spaces for learning.

Richmond Park School has been designed as a modern school, in order to provide the best learning spaces for different ages and subjects and to give more importance to new technologies, sports and art.

Learning Spaces

Optimum spaces for learning and individual development, designed by educators.

Richmond Park School is the result of an intense collaborative project between educators and architects. The educators have ensured that all the learning spaces have fully effective and appropriate in size and design. The architects have fulfilled all technical requirements while focusing also on the essential aim: to créate a modern, attractive learning centre.

Outside Space

The outside spaces take on a lead role in our programmes, helping to widen the spectrum of educational experiences.

At Richmond Park School we recognise the importance of being able to provide the children with different learning spaces, both inside and outside. We have made the most of the inside space available, but have also worked carefully on the design and use of outdoor space. Our wonderful location, facing the mountains of Madrid, further enhances the atttraction of these outdoor areas.


A major centre for students' physical education and sports.

We have consulted expert physical education teachers to maximise our sport facilities. Today, a school which strives for excellence must provide an extensive and outstanding sports programme.


Specific spaces to encourage culture and artistic disciplines.

We are strongly commited to education in the arts and the promotion of culture. For this reason, our school has specific spaces for music, drama and public speaking. One example is our large multi-use hall (with a backstage) which will be used daily for the arts subjects and for regular performances.

Shared & Social

A safe and welcoming place for our pupils.

At Richmond Park School, the shared spaces will be comfortable, attractive and effective for learning. The downstairs dining room, for example, will look out onto the swimming pool and an interior garden. We want our social times, including lunchtime, to have a positive effect on our students' education.


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