Dear Parents,

You have received texts explaining all the technical guidelines, routines and protocols, and will soon receive more. This is vital information to ensure all pupils start the new academic year tranquilly, happily and safely.

We also wish to welcome you to (or back to) Richmond Park School as an exciting centre of learning.

The facilities play a major role in achieving high quality education.

We are delighted with the progress of the building works and becoming prouder every day as the final outcome approaches.

Phase 1.1. of the project confirms that we have a building that is both functional and also extremely attractive. All the learning and leisure spaces will motivate pupils and staff to experience the learning process as joyful and exciting. Our school will not be a mere factory producing results but a centre of creativity, imagination, profound thought and profound feeling.

The school is a place of light and openness. The corridors are broad, facilitating movement, windows give a view of the learning spaces, classroom windows are wide and draw in the outside light. The specialist rooms and the theatre will improve the quality of performance, both academic and artistic. The outside facilities are spacious and also functional. We are also impressed by the chosen colours and the quality of the finishing details.

In the end, though, everything depends on the staff, the guides and facilitators of learning. Many have already proved themselves last year and we are proud they decided to continue here. At the same time our new staff, chosen by the board of directors, have already demonstrated their ability, commitment, creative approach and teamwork.

These are very troubling times, but we are confident we can take away much of the gloom and bring light to our pupils’ lives.

Directors of Education