Coming to the end of the school year, it is important to reflect on, and recognise, what has been achieved and consider what still needs to be done. Within this context, this newsletter will focus on what we think are some of the key aspects of education.

First of all, pupils need attractive and stimulating spaces for learning. We believe Richmond Park School offers such an environment, where everyone can feel at ease and enjoy the light. Next year we shall be opening more classrooms and a second laboratory (for theory work) as we respond to growth and the demands of the examination programme. Next year, our Year 11 students will be sitting their IGCSE examinations and in September 2024 we shall be starting the IB Diploma programme.

Clearly, the teaching staff have a crucial role to play in all aspects of the pupils’ education. We have a very talented staff who have already shown their commitment to our school. The team will be further strengthened next year with the appointment of five more highly skilled teachers and the new leader of the secondary school. The most positive point is that teachers want to come to Richmond Park School and to stay here. This creates both quality and stability.

In order to achieve and maintain high standards of teaching and learning, we have to keep reviewing our work, reflecting constantly and trying out new methods. Here, our blended learning team play an important role, discovering and sharing fresh approaches, often linked to the creative and intelligent use of new technologies. We also have a wide- ranging programme of continuous professional development for staff, both in- house and via external providers. The school is, for example, making available to our teachers approximately 150 online courses. We believe strongly that everyone here, including leaders and teachers, has to keep on learning.

Our school is also committed to extending and deepening the curriculum, particularly in response to contemporary reality. Two key examples are our sustainability project, which has been focused this year on equality and peace, and – in the secondary school- information literacy, including image manipulation and fake news.

We also offer our pupils many complementary experiences through the wide range of extra- curricular activities and the outstanding sports programme.

These are some of the ways in which we are creating our own style, culture and quality.  We are confident that with your continued support Richmond Park School will become one of the outstanding British schools in Spain.