Our Richmond Park Village Fair on Friday 13 December was a huge success. The good weather was a bonus, allowing all the outside activities to take place.

The afternoon started with pupils from Years 1 to 6 demonstrating different techniques they have learnt this term in music lessons through their performance of songs from around the globe.

Afterwards, families visited the various `shops´ around our village where children proudly shared this term’s cross-curricular activities through performances and displays of work.


In the village square, hog dogs, hot chocolate and delicious cakes were enjoyed by all whilst chatting or joining in with typical village games.

There was a real sense of community spirit. We feel tremendously proud of the Richmond Park School team of pupils, teachers, extended staff and parents. So much has been achieved in a short space of time.

Lessons learnt this term about what is needed to not only build a successful, peaceful community but also how to sustain it, paves the way beautifully for next term’s work on sustainability. We will specifically be looking at Responsible Consumption, goal number 12 of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

We are very grateful for the generous donations of food and home-baked goods which helped make our event such a success.

Donations of food will be collected by The Salvation Army on Thursday 19 December. Profit from the sale of cakes and raffle tickets amounted to 688.17€. This money, together with the amount collected on Christmas Jumper Day, will be donated next term to a charity connected to the sustainability project.