As we reach the end of our first term, we thought it appropriate to share our views on the school’s early achievements and progress. The judgments are based on evidence accumulated through our system of self review which includes, for example, frequent visits to our learning spaces, scrutinies of planning and children’s work.


We are confident that our pupils are extremely happy and already have a strong sense of belonging to a specific community. Richmond Park School is their particular school. A strong school culture, based on trust, mutual respect and a deep sense of care, is rapidly developing.


We have made a start in developing the parent- school relationships which will form an essential part of our community. We have organised some talks and events, including one relating to our major sustainability project, and our recent celebratory ‘Village Fair’. This showcased cross-curricular learning by means of the whole school concert and individual class displays and performances.

This is just the beginning of a major school priority. All the children’s work this term, the staff training and planning have paved the way for our new sustainability programme. Our pupils will learn about, and act upon the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. This will form a permanent part of our co-curriculum and allow pupils to use and develop their thinking and communication skills, their support for others, and a deep sense of commitment and compassion.


The greatest direct impact on pupils’ education is created by the teaching staff. Our teachers and assistants have developed quickly into a powerful team, characterised by high motivation, creativity, willingness to assume responsibility, and a caring approach towards the children. Equally, our non-teaching staff have been extremely supportive and effective.


We are pleased with the children’s learning this term. Teachers use varied approaches, provide frequent opportunities for pupils to work together in pairs and groups, and present what they have learnt in different ways. Pupils, in general, are actively involved in their learning, highly motivated and making good initial progress.


Overall, we are very pleased with what has been achieved. Now we have to maintain what already works well and plan rigorously for further development. Having reached this solid ground, we can look to further horizons.