On Tuesday 9th March, all of Years 7 and 8 joined members of the secondary staff and Mr Shallcross, our Director of Education, in the Performance Centre for a special assembly. We started with a musical activity led by Ms Fernandez. Mr. Shallcross then spoke of the need for pupils to believe in themselves and to work hard to transform their hopes into reality. They should listen to others but not be governed by them. 

This was followed by the three commendations for academic excellence, good citizenship and resilience. These certificates were presented to the commended students by Mr Shallcross. The commendations were awarded to Lucia (7L) for showing strong resilience, Gabriela (7G) for academic excellence and Mateo (7G) for displaying good citizenship qualities. Mr Connolly, Ms Lydon and Ms Martinez commended each of the students and explained the reasons for the selection. It was made clear that there had been a lengthy discussion amongst the staff before the decisions were taken. Everyone was encouraged to follow the example set by these students and to achieve the same recognition themselves in the future.  The assembly concluded with a short report from tutors about the positive attributes of their own groups. 

This assembly was an inspiring experience for everyone and set a high standard for what will be a termly event from now on.