Our Director of Education, Jim Shallcross shares some thoughts and ideas about education.


Summer School 2020/21 enrolment

We are delighted to inform you that the enrolment process for RPS Summer School 2021 is already at over 60% capacity. This year has been organised using internally staff, as detailed in the relevant section of the official school website: We are sure the children will be delighted to work with our current staff.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In Year 3, the pupils have been reading `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory´ by Roald Dahl and practising writing letters to Mr Willy Wonka. Over this term the children took on an independent and fun activity of creating a diorama of his factory. They combined their artistic skills and gathered information from the book to independently create and present their wonderful ideas. I think you will agree. They look good enough to eat! We are so proud of our mini designers and their marvellous creations. We think Willy Wonka himself would be delighted with them.

We have now moved our topic on to discovering where and how chocolate is made and the pupils have loved learning about how Fairtrade agreements make chocolate production more sustainable.

Initial Houses Competition

To introduce our new house system at Richmond Park School, the children in KS1 made masks of their house animal or bird. In our weekly KS1 assembly, we had a mask parade to share the masks with everyone. The children are all excited about their houses and looking forward to participating in other events.

In Early Years, the children learnt about the different woodland animals in Richmond Park, London. As a home learning project, they then created pictures and models of their house animals. 

KS2: 3D Models

In KS2, we had some brilliant entries for our Houses competition. Children had to create a sculpture of the animal or bird assigned to their house; and all of the staff were extremely impressed by the creativity and different materials used to make them. Some of them look so realistic that if you keep very still, it looks like they have come to life!  

Our Directors of Education chose the finalists and winner!

KS3: Poetry Competition

On Friday 30 April our students in Years 7 and 8 received video feedback on recent poems written about the animals or bird  of their houses (fox, badger, deer, owl) The competition was judged by Jan Dean,  a well known British poet . We all appreciated her specific and detailed feedback, which will help our students to continue developing their   writing skills. This was a wonderful celebration of our students´ creative talents. Please find the video below with the individual names of the  winners. Well done everyone!

The final results were the following:

FOX House: 245 points

OWL House: 245 points

DEER House: 230 point

BADGER House: 190 points

Educación Vial

On 26 April and 6 May Years 2, 4, 6 and 8 had their annual sessions of “Educación Vial”. One of our Year 8 students, wrote a summary of her reflections on the course.

My name is Alejandra and it is my pleasure to talk about the ‘Educación Vial’ lessons that we have received over the past two weeks from a team of specialists who came to visit us at Richmond Park. These lessons have been very helpful and interesting for all of us. They have enabled us to develop our understanding of road safety by highlighting the dangers that we all face every day when travelling to school and what we can do to be safer. Furthermore, we watched videos about the consequences of not putting on your seatbelt and other daily risks that we do not normally consider.

In summary, we have all developed our understanding of the appropriate behaviour when inside vehicles and have looked at ways to maximise our safety on a daily basis in all contexts. We say an enormous thank you to the police officers who came and supported us .. We will remember all of the important messages they gave us..“


Richmond Park School’s merchandising

Please take a look at the school’s web section: “SHOP”, where you will find the T-shirts, jumpers and bags that all our students admire and would like to have. We shall soon inform you of the items promoting the Houses system for 2021/22.

Please remember you can also buy our RPS masks at our administration office. A percentage of the income will be donated to Madrid’s ‘ Banco de Alimentos’.