Dear parents,

Our Year 7 and 8 students are working in collaboration with their French pen pals at Sainte Marie School in Lyon, France. Our students regularly write, video conference, make short films and learn from each other in French and English. When travel allows, our aim is to visit our new friends in France and for them to come to see us in Madrid.
Diego in 7L feels that “It is very important for us as young people and the future generation to know how to interact with others across the world in a positive way. This international project with the school in Lyon can help us in the future by developing friendships so that we can meet and learn from one another. It can also benefit us in terms of understanding a new city and its culture. Of course, this is useful for our examination work, but it is even more exciting that we are getting to know someone from abroad who speaks a different language to us. This develops not only our resilience, but also our international perspective. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project so far.”
Claudia in Year 8 believes that “As a student at Richmond Park School, I want to share my experience of our French “pen pal” project. I enjoy discovering new cultures, so the idea of going to Lyon one day is very appealing to me. We can discover a new place at the same time as learning a modern foreign language. We have enjoyed the video conference opportunities in class, writing letters and making videos. When we travel, we meet people from different cultures. I believe travelling to other countries can change the way that we view the world and having the opportunity to converse in French with native speakers is useful in terms of learning faster and more authentically. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to meet people from abroad and I cannot wait to meet my pen pal away from the screen and in person when travel permits.”
This project has started well and our students are clear as to why it is fundamental for them to meet and learn from people from diverse cultures. Well done to everyone involved. Long may this continue to develop.