Enrollment for September 2020

We are pleased to inform you that there is a high demand for places, and we already have some classes on the waiting list for September. Please contact our Admissions department if you wish to enroll for next academic year.


Our Director of Education, Jim Shallcross shares some thoughts and ideas about education.


Blended Learning Approach

Last week we successfully piloted the Teams platform and will now start to incorporate it into our weekly online learning program.

As we have previously explained, our intention, during the lockdown, is to employ diverse strategies. The `home-school learning packs’ provide a solid traditional approach, complemented by a wide range of online resources. This process of `blended learning’ will ensure teachers cover the defined objectives and pupils learn as effectively as possible in this complex context.


We are delighted to confirm that the building works are going ahead at a good pace. The builders are not only keeping to the weekly targets, in some cases they are ahead of schedule. Our CEO receives a daily summary and visits the site every Wednesday. These controls help to maintain progress.


Given the popularity of our Primary uniform, we have decided to continue with the same model in Secondary. We believe that parents will benefit from this decision, allowing pupils to use the uniform for as long as possible. It will also help the school to maintain its image and consistency of approach.


Richmond Park School’s merchandising

Please take a look at the school’s web section SHOP, where you will find the T-shirts and jumpers that all our students admire and would like to have. You will find the current range of products in the school office.