As a school, we believe that it is important to develop an interest in nature from a very young age as this will allow our future citizens of the world to take care of our precious resources and work towards a sustainable development of our planet. This trip will offer students the opportunity to connect with a natural environment and develop skills such as respect, independence, kindness and collaboration that will last for life. We believe it is vital that students’ studies are complemented by activities of this kind as they gain direct experience of key issues, learn in different environments and get to know each other better. Such trips have a lasting influence on pupils´ overall development.
Please find attached the activities programme. This includes working on science and geography topics in the field as well as team-building games.
Students will reside in three cottages at Gredos Centre and accompanied by teachers from the school and monitors from the centre. A list of equipment is also attached. Gredos Centre follows all Covid measures to ensure a very healthy and safe environment for children to enjoy. This centre has many years of experience organising school trips and a very good reputation amongst British schools in Madrid. All activities are in English. We strongly recommend that your child participates in the field trip.