One of the major co-curricular projects of Richmond Park School is sustainability. Our commitment is total and permanent. Pupils will be learning much more profoundly and broadly about the United Nations IT Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). We strongly believe that our pupils have to know, understand and put into practice the SDG as part of a modern education.

We are working directly with Lucía Vázquez who was recommended by the Director of the National Network for Sustainability (REDS). Previously, Lucía was Director of Education for the Picasso Museum in Málaga and now focuses on Schools for Sustainability. She is already working directly with us. After social meetings with the senior leadership learn to plan the first year’s programme, Lucía did a 4-hour training session for our staff on Saturday 16 November. From January she will help, guide and support our staff in specific classes.

Given the importance of our commitment, we want parents to be fully informed about the classes and supplementary activities. Shortly, Lucía will make her initial presentation to Richmond Park School’s parents. 

Lucía has already stated that she considers Richmond Park School to be a pioneer school in this major initiative. We are determined to justify those words by constantly extending this project and having a major new impact on children’s education. At Richmond Park School we want to be different and creatives and reach high standards. The sustainability project will contribute significantly to the attainment of those goals.