Uniformes Richmons. Diseñados por Neck&Neck

We are pleased to inform you that, after several months of preparatory work, we signed an agreement on the 6th February with NECK&NECK Schools’ Uniform Division (School by neck) to design and produce our school uniform for the next 5 years. As you may already be aware, NECK&NECK is a family-run business which has been producing high quality children’s clothing for many years. 

We have spent considerable time, not only determining an attractive design but also one which reflects the importance we assign to our uniform. One of our key beliefs is that our pupils will be learning for the future and learning from the past.Our uniform, too, has elements of both the traditional and the contemporary and will act as a constant symbol.

The combination of colours is unusual, helping promote the specific identity of our school.

We want pupils, parents and staff to have a deep sense of pride in belonging to Richmond Park School. Our uniform, worn correctly and elegantly, will help us considerably to achieve our aim. 

Finally, we have tried to make the purchase as straightforward as possible. You will be able to buy the items online via the Neck &Neck platform and either receive them at home or at the school. 

We hope you are as pleased as we are with the decision that has been taken. Further information will be provided soon. 

The Management Team