At our second official event last Wednesday 19th December, we were delighted to receive Ms Carolina Jiménez, Head of Education and Society for the British Council.

Carolina Jiménez spoke of the many positive characteristics of the British education system, especially its flexibility and the level of independence granted to schools. She also emphasised the ways in which the British education focuses on the needs of each pupil, encourages everyone to participate in learning, provides strong motivation, and expert support for pupils with specific needs.

With over 130 schools and approximately 60,000 pupils, British education has had a profound impact in Spain. The British Council plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining high quality, particularly through the inspection system, and carries out crucial work with the Spanish authorities.

We should also like to thank the many parents who attended and subsequently asked such thoughtful questions.

Our next formal talk will take place soon into the new year.

If you were unable to attend and would like to find out more about the event, please click on this link, where you will have access to the highlights of her presentation.