As we informed you in the December’s bulletin, on 12 January Mr Diego Hidalgo, writer, entrepreneur and magician, came to speak in two assemblies to our KS2 and KS3 students. The subjects were of great relevance to our current digital lives, adapting his speech to the audience age:

  • Liberty: I am not always as free as I think
  • Efficiency: human beings are inefficient in many ways. Technology helps but what if we do not use it correctly?
  • Wellbeing: satisfaction levels have worsen, and people feel more lonely

Even though the time was not enough to go into detail, Mr Hidalgo gave a different point of view to this subject, focusing on it as a very interesting message for RPS students who are aware of the risks of using technology with no criteria, too frequently or in an abusive manner.


Year 10 visit to Bellas Artes Theatre

Year 10 students travelled to Teatro Bellas Artes on Friday 12 January 2024. They were accompanied by Mr Bird and Ms Garcia. They went to see the new production of ‘Para Acabar’ choreographed for the stage by La Joven theatre company.

This was originally a French script written by Edouard Louis. It was translated into Spanish and performed specifically to school groups. We were all very impressed with the production. The themes were very relevant to our studies and will be discussed further in our PSHE, Spanish and French lessons over the coming weeks. The auditorium was beautiful, and we enjoyed an excellent view from the front rows.

It was a special morning together celebrating the joy of theatre, in addition to seeing how much we can learn from such opportunities.

Staff training from Instituto Nacional de la visión

Last Thursday 18 January, Dr. Elena García Rubio, co-founder of Instituto Nacional de la Visión, came to visit the school and work with the staff.

The first part of her visit had her visit the school’s sick room to check our facilities, equipment and procedures when dealing with our pupils’ ocular health.

After her invaluable help and guidance on this subject, she then visited the Performance Centre to have a presentation with our teachers and explain to them the importance of early detection on all sorts of visual problems and how this will positively impact both our children’s sight health and their learning ability.

We thank Dr García for her time and dedication and for helping us grow in this important matter.

BETT 2024

We would like to share some exciting news with you regarding our recent attendance at BETT in London last week. BETT is a renowned education technology show that brings together educators, innovators, and industry experts to explore the latest trends in education.

Michael Rosen signing for us

During the event, we had the incredible opportunity to attend a thought-provoking talk about poetry by the esteemed Michael Rosen, a renowned children’s author. What’s even more thrilling is that we managed to secure his signature on our three Year 1 class copies of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” This personalized touch adds a special note to our beloved classroom collection. We can’t wait to share these signed books with the students and immerse them in the joy of literature.

Yrs 4 & 5 enjoyed `The Idea´

As part of their music curriculum, Years 4 and 5 attended an adaptation of Gustave Holst’s ‘The Idea’, at the Real Teatro de Retiro.  This comic operette was a fun and wonderful children-friendly version. Following on from class work on details about Holst’s life and main pieces of music, the performance concluded our exploration in a vivid way.

What a great experience!

January’s Open Day

On Saturday 27 January we were delighted to welcome more than 80 visitors, a mix of prospective parents and students, to our Open Day. It is a measure of how popular the school is and our high reputation amongst the local community that we had so many visitors. We would like to thank all who were involved in organising the event and appreciate the enthusiasm and keenness that the visitors experienced. We look forward to welcoming the next generation of Richmond Park students in time!


Football match against King’s College

On  Saturday 13 January we faced Kings College, a strong rival. Happily, we won 5-2 with an epic comeback.

It was my turn to rest but we were missing Angela, Alejandro and Beltran, great players who we all missed. So, I was able to play this wonderful game.

Thanks first of all to the entire team including Mr McGarry and the fantastic goals from Gonzalo, Alvaro and Gabi. We were also delighted to be accompanied by our partner and friend from Year 5J, Lucas, and of course our parents and family. 

Richmond Park is the best!

Written by Erick in Year 5.

10 schools football tournament

On Tuesday 16 January, Yrs 6 & 7 girls football team took part in a 10-school tournament at King’s College Soto de la Moraleja, as part of the ‘alevín´ league.

The group stages went well, with the girls winning the first three matches 7-1, 2-1, 2-1. The final group stage was against TEMS and despite battling hard for a goals, the final score was 0-0.

The three wins out of four ensured they qualified to progress into the semifinal against King’s where the girls played phenomenally, and the game resulted in a 3-0 win to us.

The final was between Richmond Park School and Runnymede and the girls were fantastic. 

We had a few attempts on goal, but unfortunately the Runnymede’s goalkeeper was brilliant and kept the score line at 0-0.

In the second half we managed to score 2 goals in quick succession and kept Runnymede away from our half through great work in midfield and defense. The final score was 2-0 which mean we won the entire tournament.

Mr Goodey and Miss Dartnell are exceptionally proud of our team who never gave up showing 100% effort in every match. Well deserved girls! 

Match against Numontinos

On Saturday 20 January we faced Numontinos. The final result of the match was 10-1 to Richmond Park. The goals were scored by William, Alejandro, Martin, Gabriel (captain), Alvaro, Iban, Pedro, Gonzalo and Beltran. Pedro was unlucky with a shot and very nearly scored another. Gonzalo made a great assist to Pedro for him to score.

ban’s goal from outside the penalty area was a particularly good goal, and William’s finish was so good that it was nearly impossible for the goalkeeper to save it.

Nearly all of the team scored, and those who didn’t contributed brilliantly to the team effort. There were great performances from Angela, Pablo and Guille. This week, we missed Juan Pedro and Erick who were resting. Numontinos scored a goal that Iban very nearly stopped but could not quite keep it out. They tried to score more but our defence did not let them pass. The opposition had to defend a lot, but Richmond played some great passing football to get through their defence.

Netball tournament at St George´s School

On Tuesday 23 January several girls from Year 6 participated in a netball tournament at St George´s School. The girls competed in a competition with girls from several other international schools in the Madrid district. These schools were St George´s, Dallington and King´s College.

Richmond Park School entered two teams in the two groups of four tournament format. The girls were playing against some extremely talented teams whilst still managed to rise to the challenge to perform well. Throughout the tournament, there were many outbursts of great play, determination as well as some amazing goals.

In the end, the girls managed to book a semi-final´s place and were unlucky not to past in the final. Both teams respectably finished in 4th and 5th place. 

The PE and school were grateful for the invite to the tournament as it provided a unique opportunity to enjoy and play Netball. This is a new sport to many of the girls that participated.

Everyone at Richmond Park School would like to congratulate the girls on their effort and thank all the other schools involved.


Richmond Park School’s Houses score chart


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