As you know, in this section we like to cover topics of interest to our community. We are pleased to present some of the initiatives we have prepared for next term.

We would also like to inform you that some talks are aimed at parents, others at children and others at teaching staff, as part of their professional development programme.

Some of these initiatives are born from the collaboration we have with our parent association `RPS Families´, and/or occasional collaboration of other parents:

Talks for students

  • Policía Nacional, “uso de internet seguro y acoso escolar”
  • Irene Magallón, “Navegación segura y prevención/uso responsable de nuevas tecnologías”

Workshops for parents

  • María Lozano & Laura Cuesta Cano, “Educación digital para familias” 
  • Diego Hidalgo, “Entorno digital, libertad, eficiencia, bienestar” 
  • RPS Families workshop

Talks for staff

  • Elena García Rubio, Instituto Nacional de la Visión


Reception Trip to see Beauty and the Beast

As part of their topic on ‘Traditional Tales’, the Reception children attended a performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Centro Cultural Antonio Machado. The children were captivated by the enchanting story, costumes and songs. The trip allowed our youngest learners to immerse themselves in the world of theatre and experience the joy of live performances. We believe that exposure to the arts is invaluable for their creativity and development.

World Nursery Rhyme Week

From Monday 20 to Friday 24 November, all EYFS children took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week 2023. An initiative which promotes the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood development and education with a particular focus on how nursery rhymes boost early language and literacy skills. 

Throughout the week, the children participated in lots of engaging activities including crafts, singing and story time sessions. The event culminated with a special sing-a-long session, where all of the children joined together to sing nursery rhymes together. 

The power of leadership talk

On Tuesday 28 November Years 11 and 10 at Richmond Park School were privileged to have a presentation from Dr Gonzalez, Assistant Professor in the School of Humanities, who is a renowned researcher based at IE University in Madrid. Students were enthralled to hear her educational journey from California via Harvard University and UCLA to becoming a researcher based in Madrid and her important role within IE University. 

Dr Gonzalez spoke of the power of leadership in her own educational and working life, and the power of mentors who can guide developing leaders towards realising their potential. Dr Gonzalez used concrete examples of leadership through times of crisis, including several female leaders who had steered their countries through the COVID pandemic with clarity and inclusion. The various natures of leadership were explored, and students responded with a range of thoughtful questions, which demonstrated their careful attention and inspiration.


On Monday 4 December, Year 6 went on a school trip to Rainfer Monkey Sanctuary. This trip was an opportunity for children to see different species of monkeys (linking to our Science on classifying animals) and learn about where they come from (linking to our Geography on countries of the world). We saw how the monkeys were adapted to the different environments and how these adaptations help them survive in the wild. In addition, children were also taught about how the monkeys came to live at the sanctuary; many of the animals were mistreated before being rescued.

We learned that the money paid to enter the sanctuary goes towards the upkeep and rehabilitation of these beautiful, exotic creatures!

Residencia Atenea

On Tuesday 12 December the secondary choir visited a local care home for elderly residents. They performed a lovely variety of English and Spanish festive songs and the residents joined in and sang along. At Christmas time it is important to think of others and the choir really brightened up the care home with their beautiful music.

A season to be jolly

Every stage of Richmond Park School has been celebrating the winter season and the music department had a good chance to share music to start lightening the Christmas spirit.

Years 1 and 2 prepared a colourful Nativity, where singing, dancing and acting made a delightful show for their parents. The students of Years 3 and 4 shared a selection of popular Christmas songs with their parents, that included soloists and performers, winter hats, and lots of cheerful, singing faces.

Years 5 and 6 developed all their skills in a sing-along that included complex part-songs, `a capella´ or with instrumental accompaniment, offering their families a varied seasonal repertoire. We used the opportunity to introduce the 2023-2024 primary school choir who sang very beautifully.

Secondary school choir brought music to a residence, bringing joy, entertainment and warmth to many elderly people. And, to finish the year in the school, secondary school students had their 2023 talent show where teachers and students discovered and enjoyed the finalists’ skills. It was very exciting and we can assure you that RPS’s got talent!

As every year, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And we look forward to even more music in 2024!

Santa’s back at RPS!

Richmond Park School recently experienced a magical moment filled with laughter and festive cheer. Santa Claus, accompanied by his two merry elves, made a special visit to all our children from Pre-Nursery to Year 3. Together, they sang Christmas songs, spreading the spirit of the holidays throughout the school.

It was a very exciting occasion, with each child having the opportunity to share their wishes or present Santa with a delightful drawing!

The magic of the season was beautifully captured as our school radiated with smiles and happiness.

These moments create lasting memories for our students and fosters a sense of community and togetherness that defines the spirit of Richmond Park School.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talent show

On Thursday 21 December, we held the RPS House Talent show for secondary students. The students have been planning and performing in their audition videos since October.

The final winner’s showcase was a wonderful example of the variety of talent we have in our secondary school. The performances ranged from singing to dancing, dog training, show jumping and more! All students who took part earned valuable house points.

Christmas raffle

This year’s a Christmas raffle was held once again, and the prize went to one of our families. Congratulations!


Football match against CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro

“Richmond Park School played an excellent football match on Saturday 2 December on a beautiful sunny morning in Madrid. The score was 4-2 for the Richmond Team playing against a worthy CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro.

Richmond Park School team had Alvaro and Pedro as ‘gold’ keepers; Erick, Pedro and Pablo as pillars of the defence; talented midfielders Angela, Gabriel, Guille and Martin; and William, Gonzalo and Juan Pedro as world class forwards. Iban, Beltran and Alejandro could not play this time and were missed by the team and the fans.” Written by Juan Pedro in 4M.

Congratulations! We kept our first place and more importantly: we had fun together once again!

Tag-rugby tournament

Richmond Park School finished 2nd for the boys and the girls matches in the tag-rugby tournament. Both groups played great finals but, on this occasion, it wasn’t mean to be. We finished 2nd out of 8 teams on the day, which is still a fantastic achievement. 

Derby against El Prado

On 16 December, Richmond Park School played the Derby against Colegio El Prado. We ended up losing 9-2, it was our first loss in the league. 

Our goal scorers were Guille with a marvellous run, and Martin with an astonishing free kick. Special mention to our goalkeeper, Iban, with his great saves and to the whole team which fought until the end. Sadly, Alejandro and William were not at the match.

RPS is the best!!

Basketball tournament

Richmond Park School hosted two important days of basketball with several schools from a range of different age groups attending. On Monday 18 December, we hosted 5 other schools for boys and girls in Years 8 & 9 and on Tuesday 19, we hosted 4 other schools for boys and girls in Years 5 & 6. 

The objective of both days was to share our passion for basketball and to create a competitive environment for students from different schools to compete against each other. Both days were really successful, lots of students were able to participate and it was great to see different schools achieving success across both days. We look forward to making this a yearly event.

We wish to thank St George, TEMS, Dallington, The Montessori School and King’s. It was fantastic to welcome you to the school and we hope to see you again soon. 


Richmond Park School’s Houses score chart


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