Our Director of Education, Jim Shallcross shares some thoughts and ideas about education.


Something to think about this Christmas

Our senior team recommend you watch this extraordinary video, which deals with the fascinating interaction of our brain and our body, our mind and our emotions. There are important lessons for all of us in this interview, and one especially: we need time to stand back, pause and reflect. We hope you enjoy it!

Visit to “Meet Van Gogh” exhibition

Year 6 visited the Vincent Van Gogh experience at Espacio Ibercaja de Delicias.

They had a wonderful time at this award-winning touring museum exhibit from Amsterdam. Each area in the Experience was designed as an interactive theatre, which encouraged the children to engage physically with the sets. They sat at the table of `the potato eaters´ and sketched objects from the table. They found clues in Van Gogh’s bedroom and drew self-portraits in the colour mixing section. It truly was a wonderful learning experience for Year 6 and complemented their learning in both art and science.

Donation for La Palma

Key Stage 1 participated in a ‘Silly Sock Stomp’ to raise money, via the Red Cross, for those affected by the volcano disaster in La Palma. The children all designed a pair of ‘silly socks’ to wear as they walked 500 metres. We have raised over 3.400€.

Year 7 visits ´The Human Image Exhibition´ and Royal Botanical Gardens

Students from Year 7 spent Tuesday, 16 November at two cultural centres in Madrid. The first was ´The Human Image’ exhibition at the Caixa Forum and then, a workshop at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

They were challenged during these cross-curricula events to gather information that related to the study of aesthetic in ancient times, see links between different social historical eras and identify evidence of evolutionary botany. Both guided events gave students plenty of time to interact with the exhibits and use sensory exploration to familiarise themselves with the stunning artworks provided by the British Museum and examine specimens in the Botanical gardens. Highlights on the trip included viewing the oldest portrait in the world (8,500 BCE), comparing what is idealised and realistic beauty as represented from antiquity until now, and, especially, a marvellous experience where the students could roam the gardens and draw leaf specimens which they could later identify by their Latin names.

Ms Garcia, Ms Martinez and Mr Williams felt the trip was highly educational and were delighted that the students seemed to enjoy learning through these activities first-hand.

Year 6 football tournament

Richmond Park School were invited to join King’s School La Moraleja, King’s School Soto de Viñuelas and Dallington School for a Year 6 football tournament at the beginning of December. After a series of hard-fought matches, Richmond were undefeated and then won the final.

Food Technology at RPS

Food Technology helps children to apply the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom through more practical and hands-on activities. When following a recipe, they must measure accurately, use fine motor skills and critical thinking.  Food Technology also allows children to develop their senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste.

Phase II

We are delighted to inform you that the phase 2 construction is reaching its conclusion three months ahead of schedule. Although the secondary building will be officially inaugurated in September 2022, it is possible- licenses permitting- that we shall be able to use the outside spaces beforehand. This new section not only fulfils local authority requirements but has also been approved as an official examination centre by Cambridge Assessment International Education, a prestigious world- wide organisation. We shall keep you informed of progress and we also hope to organise an open day in the near future so parents can visit the facilities.

Waterpolo and artistic swimming activities

After initiating the waterpolo and artistic swimming classes, the pupils’ level of satisfaction is very high. For everyone it is their first experience of these sports, where we focus on individual technique, flexibility, strength, speed, resistance and -most important of all- control in every sense As well, we emphasise the sheer joy which water sports can bring.

Santa visits Richmond Park School

On Monday 20 December, Santa Claus made a surprise visit to Richmond Park School!  Santa was delighted to listen to all children in the Early Years, KS1 and Year 3.  He asked what their wishes were for Christmas and told them that some of the presents might turn up under the Christmas tree.  Some children had written a letter or drawn a picture to Santa and were able to post in in his letterbox.

Richmond Park School’s Houses score chart


Richmond Park School’s merchandising

We are happy to announce that this month we have launched in the website’s section “SHOP” the new merchandise with our Houses’  logos. We have T-shirts, jumpers, sports bags and cups. We hope you like them.