In order to continue informing and advising families on the responsible use of new technologies, we inform you that next 7 May, RPS Families is organising a round table. This will be attended by the professor of Cybercommunication and New Media, Laura Cuesta and the Director of Development and Marketing of Adigital, María Lázaro. Both speakers have had the opportunity to meet with our management team to share and contrast information on these current issues. From the management we are convinced that the talks will be of great interest to our community. We thank RPS Families for this kind of initiatives. 



On 16 April Richmond Park School held their ‘Fox House Day’ event. Our Fox House captains took the lead in organising a series of engaging activities and fun events during break times for both primary and secondary students. 

Throughout the day, students enjoyed a variety of activities tailored to celebrate Fox House, fostering a sense of House spirit among our students. From lively games to creative challenges, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

To conclude the day, refreshments were provided, allowing everyone to unwind and reflect on the memorable experiences shared. 

It was a fun-filled day, brimming with teamwork and school spirit. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making Fox House Day a resounding success! 

Year 5 visit to Botanical Garden 

Year 5 started their new topic with a fantastic green fingered and highly educational trip to the Botanical Gardens in Madrid. They learnt all about plant classification and how to identify different trees and plants. They had some brilliant questions and facts to share and they were even gifted a plant for their enthusiasm and excellent behaviour. Following on from a fantastic morning exploring the gardens, they then took the opportunity to explore be inspired by some artists. They were fascinated by the variety of styles the botany artists and this inspired them to sketch their own versions. What a great way to start term 3!  

Managing exam stress 

Exam stress, also known as test anxiety, is a significant concern for students everywhere. With the disruption caused by the pandemic, the unfamiliarity with traditional testing environments has only added to this challenge for today’s learners. 

The impact of exam stress on students’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being cannot be underestimated. During these critical academic periods, supporting students is paramount. That’s why today we have a guide that gives us ten practical tips to help young minds navigate exam stress and reduce its negative effects. 

Tap into our guide to empower students in managing exam stress and fostering a healthier academic experience. Together, let’s create a supportive environment where students can thrive! 

Year 10 trip to Paris 

“The 2024 Year 10 Paris trip was a great new international experience for the school. While remaining safe and secure, it was an exciting and fun experience for everyone who enjoys traveling and seeing famous and historic buildings and monuments. Our time there was used very effectively as we were able to go to many of the key tourist attractions in Paris. Despite this, we were still able to enjoy a good amount of free time and it didn’t feel too dense. The hotel was great and I had a great time all together.” 

Written by L.D. 

Concurso de Primavera 2024

On Saturday 13 April, 9 students from years 6 to 10 inclusive represented Richmond Park School in the `Concurso de Primavera de Matemáticas´ organised by the Universidad de la Complutense, Madrid.  

Rodrigo Y6, Sergio Y7 and Elisabet Y7 took part in the Level 1 challenge. Hugo and Antonio from Y8 and Lola from Y9 took the level 2 challenge. Manuel, Sara and Mateo from Y10 took the level 3 challenge.  

Despite having to get up early on a Saturday morning to represent their school the students had a great time.  The event is really challenging and is very well organised.  

While the competitors were working away in their rooms parents and teachers and guests were entertained by a lively talk on mathematics and music.  Audience participation made this activity a lot of fun.  

Sustainability programme 

Last Thursday, 18 April Anais Roossens, a sustainability advocate and educator, visited Richmond Park School. She led engaging art activities focused on sustainability for students from Reception to Year 7.

The day commenced with Anais leading our students through creative sessions, where they explored sustainability concepts through art.  

Anais also led a staff meeting workshop. This workshop provided an invaluable opportunity for our staff to reflect on our school’s ongoing commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We revisited our progress on various SDGs and explored new avenues for embedding sustainability principles across our curriculum and daily operations. 

We are immensely proud of our community’s dedication to fostering a sustainable mindset and look forward to continuing our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. 

Pixar exhibition

A small group of Year 10 students went to Pixar with Mr Bird and Ms Lydon. It was an enjoyable morning with lots of interesting exhibitions and opportunities to see how the films were made. We looked at a variety of props, sets and costumes. Everyone had a wonderful time. We also went to Retiro Park and then spent the afternoon at the company Mio One where we learnt about the exciting developments of artificial intelligence. An excellent day was had by all involved. 

Drama live work in progress  

On 22 April pupils from Yrs 7 & 8 performed three short plays for Yrs 4-6. Mr Connolly directed this work in progress. The final versions will be presented in June. It was a great experience for the actors to be able to act these plays before a live audience. They were ably assisted by light and sound volunteers and a backstage crew. 

World Book Day  

On Tuesday 23 April Richmond Park School celebrated World Book Day, sparking the imaginations of our students through the magic of literature. Children arrived dressed as their favorite book characters, transforming our classrooms into a colourful mosaic of literary personalities. Creativity and enthusiasm were inspiring, from princesses to animals to adventurous characters. 

Throughout the day, students immersed themselves in a variety of book-themed activities, from storytelling sessions to character-based quizzes, fostering a love for reading and storytelling in every corner of our school. Not to be outdone, our dedicated teachers also joined in the fun, donning their own delightful book character costumes, adding to the festive atmosphere. 

To recognize the outstanding creativity and effort, points were allocated to the top four costumes in each class, adding an element of friendly competition to the day’s festivities. 

It was a fun occasion for all involved. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make World Book Day at RPS a memorable and magical experience! 

Secondary goes to an amusement park 

Year 10 went to the amusement park on 4 April. We went to study physics related to the rides, specifically about energy, forces and motion. The trip started in the Grand Theatre, where a university professor discussed the ideas around how the rides worked.  

Volunteers from the large crowd went on stage to participate in experiments to demonstrate concepts and further understanding. We then went on the rides and screamed, laughed and got very wet! A fun way to learn! 


Football league matches 

It has been an exciting end to the league season for Richmond Park’s football team! After securing victories over Valdeluz and Sanchinarro, we were all set up for a title decider vs el Prado. In a thrilling game against a very strong team, we were unfortunate to lose by 5 goals to 3. It was an incredible effort from the whole team, and while we were disappointed with the result, we took great pride in how far we have come as a group. 

In the final match of the season, we drew 2-2 with Kings College thanks to a last minute equaliser. This secured a second place finish in our first season of competitive football- a fantastic achievement. Well done everyone! 

After a 7-3 victory in a friendly at the school vs Laurales club de Futbol, preparations now turn to the Copa de Primavera. We face a familiar rival first up- Colegio el Prado!  

Good luck to all the players. Go Richmond! 

External Basketball 

As part of our commitment to sports in general and more specifically with the Community of Madrid, we announce that we have reached an agreement to host this year and next year games of the official senior basketball championship of that federation. 

Staff Physical Education CPD 

This month Richmond Park School has welcomed Guillermo Bartolomé into the Physical Education Department to undertake his `prácticas´. The next few months he will support the department in a number of ways, alongside learning how the department operates. He will spend time with the different members of the team and learn the teaching methodology that is used and how students are supported in their physical literacy.  

The Physical Education department welcomes Guillermo into the team and looks forward to him completing his work with Richmond Park School. 

Match with Dallington 

Richmond Park School would like to thank Dallington School for coming to play the students in football and volleyball over the past few weeks.

The two schools have enjoyed matches involving all students in Year 8, 9 and 10. The games have been played with a great competitive spirit and all of the students had a great time.  

We look forward to more matches in the future.  


Richmond Park School’s Houses score chart


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