On Wednesday 23 November 2022, Richmond Park School hosted a book fair for our community. This was a special opportunity for our students to purchase some books and read for pleasure.


Hundreds of books from all different genres were on offer for ages 2 years and upwards. There was certainly something to inspire and suit all our students!  All children had the opportunity to purchase a book during the day. Teachers supervised their students in the book fair and encouraged children to buy books they would enjoy.  

Parents were invited after 4.30 pm to browse and buy, and it was an excellent occasion to start Christmas shopping early!  Families were also able to enjoy a hot drink with home-made biscuits, courtesy of our Year 9 students, sold at our ‘Food stall’. 

Overall, it was a very successful and enjoyable day for our students, staff and families and we look forward to organising another bookfair later on in this school year.


Many students commented on how much they enjoy turning the page of a book rather than scrolling down a screen or device. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading in every respect.

During the day, each class went to the fair and made good use of this time looking at all of the wonderful books on offer. With all of the technological advances of the present day, it is important for us all to remember the values of reading as well.

Diego J., Gabriela E., Beltran F. and Sofia E. in Year 9 organised a food stall after school so that our parents could enjoy the book fair whilst having a snack. They made some delicious cookies and served hot drinks. Their leadership and teamwork in organising the event were of the highest of standards. This was a great day for our school community.