CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers and all who support learning is a very important part of our wellbeing programme for staff and is crucial in moving our school forward by enabling teachers to use the most relevant evidence based techniques in lessons. Training our teachers and enabling them to access information about the latest trends in pedagogy and learning strategies is a major priority for us as an innovative educational centre.

Mr P is one of the foremost educational experts and one of the most popular online speakers from the UK with regard to using technology in the classroom. As he is in such high demand we have had to pursue Mr P vigorously to get him to lead a CPD session with our staff, and we managed to book him for a whole day on 5 September. He is on a mission to get teachers using technology more effectively in the classroom in order to have a significant impact on teaching and learning and to get teachers working smarter not harder. Alongside his training for schools he shares content through his supporter page on Facebook and his website ( www.mrpict.com ). He is an expert in enhancing the curriculum through a variety of apps, tutorials and the correct use of technology in the classroom.

Mr P received outstanding feedback from our teachers CPD satisfaction questionnaire, and we look forward to his training having a continued impact on our students´ learning in our school.