Children’s education comprises much more than just the teaching of subjects during the week. The pupils’ academic development is, of course, of vital importance but there are so many more contributing factors. The pupils’ experience is broadened by the clubs they attend, the extra-curricular activities, the special projects, for example sustainability, and the frequent cultural excursions. The day- by- day interactions between pupils and staff also have a telling influence.

Another major contribution to the children’s overall development is made by our summer programme. Our soccer clinic, for example, provides a great opportunity for pupils to focus on the key elements of high level performance and work effectively together in a quasi-professional context. As well, the summer school programme offers a wide range of creative workshops in arts, crafts and sports. The children will have a varied, stimulating and motivating experience, which will complement perfectly the education they have received during the year. These moments can make all the difference, rounding off the academic year in a joyful way.

As a school, we are committed to increasing every year the scope and quality of the education we provide. Over the next few years, we shall continue exploring new possibilities and opportunities. In particular, we are looking to arrange more residential trips, both in Spain and abroad, and school links and exchanges. We shall make our own school and community stronger by interacting with others.

There is a well-known saying, often attributed to Aristotle, that `The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. In education, this is true. All the moments that children experience in their school add up to more than their individual worth.

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