Special Opening Plan

Special Opening Plan

Special Opening Plan

On receiving the latest official report from the property developer, our project manager has stated that the completion date for the foundation work will probably be put back by 30 to 45 days. Although, in general terms, we are making good progress, our business unit has decided to activate a Special Opening Plan (Plan Especial de Apertura-PEA), rather than wait for final confirmation.

The PEA has as its main objective the installation of prefabricated modules (similar to our present temporary offices)on the sports field, which measures more than 1,500sqm.These units, which will take up more than 700 sqm, will comprise 10 learning spaces, one multi-use area, a dining room, 4 offices, 5 toilet areas, and storage space. This will leave approximately 800sqm for recreation and sport. As members of the Board of Directors, we are fully aware of the doubts which may arise due to this temporary change of plan. For this reason, we have prepared the following list of questions and answers with some self-explanatory drawings.

Projects of this scope sometimes suffer setbacks but, once again, we want to emphasise that this alternative plan will enable us to start the academic year with total confidence and security. We have also decided to put forward the start of term to the 10th September, given we can now guarantee a smooth and tranquil move to the permanent building.

How long will the PEA last?

The PEA will be activated for one to two months.

When will the school term start?

The first term will commence on the 10th September.

What is the situation regarding licences?

The application procedure for all licences is going ahead according to plan. The business and operating licence , processed via the `ECU’ ( licensing authority)*, will be obtained within the foreseen period , fulfilling all legal requirements.The ` ECU’ will also provide a licence for the prefabricated units; following their advice, we shall start the process in May in order to receive the documentation before July. The process of authorisation as a British School, initially led by the British Council who then provide their recommendation to the Spanish education authorities, will continue in parallel and will not be affected by these temporary changes.

Will the necessary security measures be taken?

The licences granted and the subsequent correct installation of the modules will ensure that all the necessary safety and security measures are applied. A safety barrier will separate the main construction site from the modules. The crane close to the sports pitch will be moved and fencing will separate the parking ramp and the streets from the modules.

What kind of quality will the temporary spaces have?

Modulnor, the leading company in prefabricated construction, will be responsible for the preparation, transport, mounting and withdrawal of the modules, in accordance with our PEA. The learning and additional areas will be very similar in quality and appearance to our present offices and fulfil all the ECU’s requirements. Apart from natural ventilation, all modules will be air conditioned (hot/cold) and have extra insulation to avoid condensation.

How will lunch be provided during the PEA?

The company `ApColectividades’ will be responsible for our school’s kitchen and dining room. They will also be in charge of catering for the duration of the special opening plan. The company will be collaborating with an external caterer (who will adapt our daily menus) and will efficiently control the transport, food handling and presentation. The air conditioned dining room for pupils and staff- approximately 84 sqm- will have a capacity of 72 people. The school leaders will determine the exact timetables and sittings. All kitchenware and tableware will be cleaned outside the school premises. Breakfast Club will still be available and children in Early Years will be able to have their snacks under staff supervision.

Will the educational programme be affected in any way?

Neither the curriculum content nor the quality of teaching and learning will be significantly affected by the PEA. The school leadership and teaching staff will continue to ensure the pupils learn effectively, following the requirements of the British and Spanish educational authorities. With regard to the specialist teachers of music, physical education and computing, they will be provided with temporary specialist rooms until they move into the permanent facilities. In the case of physical education, these will include both the outdoor space and, as planned for phase 2, the gymnasium and swimming pool.

How exactly will the playground and sports areas be affected?

As briefly mentioned above, the entire sports facilities will be available from January 2020, as initially planned. The PEA will lead to just minor adjustments in the programme for the first term only, which will not affect achievement and attainment over the whole academic year.

The school has over 800sqm dedicated to play and leasure areas. This is sufficient space given the total number of pupils and staggered break times.

What will happen to school fees during the PEA?

During the PEA, founding parents will not be liable to pay the monthly single fee (school fees, insurance and meals) and, as previously agreed, will receive monthly the proportional amount of the enrolment fee in their nominated account.

How will timetables, transport, starting and finishing times be affected?

They will not be affected in any way, apart from the main entrance which will be temporarily located at c/Moralzarzal esquina c/Costa Brava and will be supervised at all times. The administration offices will remain at their current location.

How will the extra-curricular programme be affected?

The school management team will organise an extra-curricular programme that takes into account the provisional installations. We envisage offering the following activities:

  • - Chess
  • - Ballet
  • - Drama
  • - Football
  • - Hockey
  • - Judo
  • - Keyboards
  • - Rugby
  • - Padel (La Masó Sports Club)
  • - Tennis (Ciudad de la Raqueta)

The full programme of extra-curricular activities will become available as soon as the permanent installations become available.

Once the main building is ready, how will the transition take place?

The School management team guarantee a smooth transition to the main building for all the children at the same time.

When will the prefabricated modules be removed?

Once transition to the main building is complete the modules will be taken apart and removed within three weeks. The football-7 field will then become available for use.


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