Richmond Park School VS COVID-19

Richmond Park School VS COVID-19

Richmond Park School VS COVID-19

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“We are going through extraordinary times in which, more than ever, we must make sure that we are ready for the further challenges that await us. In Richmond Park School our priority is still the same: to ensure that we meet the needs and expectations of our community, maintaining the highest quality of both teaching and professional development.”.

In this section of the website you will find the strategies we are working on to deal with future situations of sanitary alert in the 2020/21 academic year.


The great challenge of space management

Currently, schools are experiencing a very complicated situation created as many decisions still have to be made and orders confirmed by the Education and Sanitary Authorities. Therefore, we cannot present the following information as definitive, as there are many aspects which are yet to be defined.

Our aim is to send -as soon as possible -a reassuring message to everyone, explaining the strategies and preventive measures which we are developing.

Our school  is, due to its current state of development, in a very favourable position to resolve one of the greatest problems in the coronavirus crisis, which is the management of the spaces available in schools to guarantee the minimum separation between pupils and reduce the risk of infection.

Thanks to the extra space in Richmond Park School in its Phase 1 (8,000 sqm indoors and 3,000 sqm outdoors), during the 2020/21 academic year we shall be able to care for the almost 400 students during a typical school day, from Monday to Friday. We shall be able to reorganise the groups and spaces to meet the recommended minimum security distances.

Unless the situation repeats itself and the Authorities deem it necessary to close down schools and confine the children again, all the pupils of Richmond Park School will be able to attend class as usual and will not need continuous virtual learning in their education.

All through June 2020 the Senior Leadership Team, along with the teachers, will work on an action plan which includes a timetable and a teaching programme which will make this feasible during a potential sanitary alert.


Adapt our center to new regulations

As are other schools and communities, Richmond Park School is working with their suppliers and service companies, in order to adapt our teaching centre to the new rules regarding COVID-19. The acquisition and storing of materials are being carried out now, as well as the readjustment of furniture to adapt to the different scenarios.

The appointment of an internal coordinator for the school’s management in situations of sanitary alert, and the training of our team are other ongoing tasks.

Redistribution of spaces

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Possible setting and versatility

As we have already told you, our proposals are not definitive, and may suffer changes. In the following isometric renders, you can see one possible scenario, a fine example of versatility when working with available space in the school: apart from the classes for different ages, the programme includes a multitude of learning spaces, both in- and outdoors, which will stimulate the pupils’ daily schedule. Sport facilities, Food & Tech classroom, library, music room, IT suite, art room and support rooms, as well as the different recreational areas.

Learning spaces Learning spaces under COVID19


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